Welcome to Nonesuch Farm!

Our farm is the culmination of a lifetime of hopes, dreams, hard work and a blessing from God.

At Nonesuch Farm it is our goal to to preserve rare and noble breeds of livestock and heirloom vegtables. Many heritage breeds have unique qualities, like colored eggs or A-2 milk, which you will learn more about on our chicken and cattle pages.

We are members of the American Livestock Breeds Conservency and believe strongly in the work that they do toward saving heritage breeds. We work hard on the farm so that these special animals will not be lost to our own children and grand children or to yours. To that end we raise and milk Dexter cattle and Kinder goats. We keep several breeds of rare chickens, geese and ducks. American Guinea Hogs are bred for pastured pork.

We also grow an organic veggie garden and small orchard using only heirloom seeds and organic methods. This garden provides food for our family and for our livestock which are raised with natural and sustainable methods. While not strictly organic we are mindfull that each choice we make on the farm has an impact on our world.

We raise some fantastic chickens and ship hatching eggs in the spring and fall.

Available only at the farm we have pastured pork, grass fed beef, table eggs, produce and dairy available to the local folks. Started birds, calves, kids and occasionally even family milk cows and milking goats are offered for sale.

Check back with us often as things are always changing on the farm. We hope that you leave here with a sense of the importance of preserving Gods creation and possibly a few hatching eggs too!








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