Nonesuch Farm is first and formost a family farm where we grow and raise our own food. Each animal that lives here is treated humanely and with deep respect. When selling livestock it is our goal to be sure that the purchase benefits our buyer as well as us. For these reasons all Livestock sales are by contract only. We will also want to know that you are prepared to care for the animal you are purchasing. We are here to offer support to new homesteaders as they begin their journey into milkng their first cow or goat. We enjoy training cows to milk and are sometimes able to offer trained milk cows for sale. We sell calves from proven milking stock as they are available.

Our products are as fresh as we can possibely make them. Each person who participates in our share program is assured that what we put on your table is exactly what we are eating at home. We desire to help provide quaity food to those who may not be able to do all that we can on the farm but still believe that the best and freshest food for themselves and their families is important. Contact us for more information about availability of our products.

2011 Calves

2011 calves are now available. We were blessed with 4 perfect heifer calves this this year including two polled black calves, one red and one dun. We also have one dehorned red bull calf available. Please contact us for more information.

Name: Eirinn

Eirinn is a Red Dexter cow who gave birth to a polled heifer (Daisy). She has been tained as a milker for our farm. Erin is Chondro and PHA free, is tame and enjoys hand fed treats. She has a very nice udder and produces two gallons per day.

Name: Cookie

Cookie is a Dun cow who had a red bull calf from Bully this year. PHA and Chondro free. She was not milked at her previous lactations but we will be milking this time when her calf weans. Her first calf was Open Grand Champion Steer at HLSR 2009 proving her genetics for beef. We are now ready to prove them for milk!

Name: Sasha

Sasha is a young heifer that carries the red gene. She is bred to Bully for a spring calf. We are excited for her first freshening and plan to milk her.

Name: Samantha Price $1.200/Sold

Samantha is Sasha's 1/2 sister and a two year old heifer. She was bred to Bully for a fall 2010 calf and was trained to milk and then sold to our friends the Goats family where she is a family milk cow. Her heifer calf is a carbon copy of her and is available for sale.

Name: Rosie

Trained at Nonesuch, Rosie is the sweetest little cow ever. With a gentle nature and great manners in the stanchion her last lactation was a dream. She gave a gallon of sweet creamy milk each day while raising a nice heifer calf . Her beautiful Dun heifer calf is available.

Name: Leah
Price for Leah: $1500-SOLD

Leah is our calf from Fancy and Bully's breeding. Fancy's milking ability is awesome and and she is a great example of a nearly perfect bovine. I believe she will be the ultimate little beefy milker. We are so happy that she will now be part of the milking herd at Starcreek Dexters.

Name: Gypsy
Price for Gypsy: $3,000-SOLD

Gypsy is a gentle red polled girl who is milked 1 1/2 gallons a day at peak during her first freshening. She is an easy keeper with teats suitable to hand milking and is now a family milk cow after completing her training at Nonesuch.

Name: Ellie

Price: $1,800 --Sold--
Thank you to the Abshires.

Ellie is a three year old Jersey. Formerly a commercial dairy cow who did not produce enough milk for their use she is now a family milk cow after learning to hand milk here at Nonesuch.

Name: Nonesuch Wonder
Price: $1,800 --Sold--
Thank you to the Brake Family

Nonesuch Wonder is Gypsy's calf born in fall 2008. He was sold intact to possibly be used as a herd sire bull. He is double red and double polled, has a very straight back, great legs and feet and a beautiful head shape.

Name: Fancy & Calf

Fancy: $2,000 --Sold--
Thank you to the Valior family.

Fancy is a very correct dehorned black Dexter cow who has from very traditional lines. Fancy milked 2 gallons at once per day milking while raising her calf. She is a wonderful mother. Her milk is sweet and has a very deep cream line that makes terrific cheese and butter.

Name: June
--June $1,200-Sold--
Thank you to the Brake Family

June is a sweet Dexter cow bred by our friends Joe and Dovie Abshire. She has a lovely udder and a great milking temperment. She is halter trained and stanchion trained.

Name: Coleen
Price: $1,600 --Sold--
Thanks to the Fore Family

Coleen was our first milking Dexter and is from traditional lines. She has tested positive for A2 milk. She gave 1 1/2 gallons a day milking once a day while raising her calf. She would come to the fence and call to be milked. She was the reason we were sold on the Dexter cow.

Name: Porter
Price: $500 --Sold--
Thanks to the Fore Family

Porter is Colleens second calf born spring 2008. He is black and horned with a very mild temperment and is from very traditional lines. He was sold intact as a potential herd sire.

Name: Flurrie

Flurrie is a beautiful Dutch Belted cow. She milked through a 10 month lactation while with us. Her peak production was 3 gallons per day. She raised both her own calf and Leah as a foster. She is now being loved and milked by Kelly at Knockingbird Farm.

Name: Claire
Price: $1,500 --Sold--

Claire is a terrific family cow. She has produced many fine calves most recently a little bull calf for our freinds in Colorado. Hand milked through her last four lactations she is a low producer for a purebred Jersey at 3 gallons a day, an ideal volume for a family cow. She was raised as a bottle baby and loves people. She will also adopt other calves making her useful for raising beef foster calves. She is an excellent expmple of a Jersey as a family cow.

Name: Elsie
Price: $1,500 --Sold--
Now being milked by the Epps Family

Elsie is a purebred Jersey, hand raised and as friendly as a cow can possibly be,she is an awesome family milk cow. She raises two calves at a time tion and provides milk for a family of five. Go Elsie!

Name: Ruby

Ruby is a Roan Milking Shorthorn. She was bred to Bully and provided us with a beautiful little carbon copy of herself that we have kept for a mini-milking Shorthorn! She has been sold to a wonderful home where she will be a 'Princess' and raise beef calves while providing milk.










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