Hatching eggs are truly one of life's little miracles and we would love to share some with you. We also sell day old chicks and started birds at the farm near Houston, TX.

Our poultry has been a work of time and love. We currently raise Jubilee Orpington, Golden Cuckoo Marans, Black Copper Marans, Wheaten/Blue Wheaten Ameraucanas and Salmon/Blue Salmon Faverolles. We raise the breeds we love and offer hatching eggs each spring and fall as a way of sharing our beautiful birds with others. Please see the link to each breed/variety for pictures, breed information and pricing


Name: Jubilee Orpington
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Orpington chickens are very calm and friendly birds that lay beautiful cream colored eggs.We have always adored them and are completely taken in by the Jubilee Orpington. Whether deep mahogany color or the more copper color of the Diamond Jubilee, it is the beautiful spangled patterns that make these birds a thing of beauty. Our Jubilee Orpingtons provide beauty and entertainment and seeing them against the emerald green grass in spring is positively magical . Their egg laying ability and great size also make them a good addition to a homestead or working farm like ours. Eggs that have been hatched here at the farm have done very well.

Our birds are carefully selected first generation offspring from the three major lines of Jubilee Orpingtons currently available in the US. Our breeding program is designed to encourage genetic diversity while maintaining all the qualities that make these birds so wonderful to own. Most of our birds were purchased as adults which allowed us to select only very correct birds. Because we are a working farm it is important to us to have birds that fulfill their utility purposes as well and we cull heavily, keeping only the best stock.

Name: Golden Cuckoo Marans
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Marans take their name from the town of Marans in France. They lay the darkest egg of any chicken breed. Our picture was taken in the middle of the laying cycle and your eggs will be as dark or darker then what we have shown here.

Marans were imported into this country around 1929. Marans chickens are quiet, docile, gentle birds, but are also quite active, taking well to free ranging in rough terrain and are also tough and disease-resistant. Marans lay around 200 dark brown eggs each year. Marans are an historically dual-purpose bird, prized not only for their dark eggs, but for their table qualities. We free ranged about 30 birds of this breed to maturity for meat last spring and found them excellent fare. These wonderful birds can be sexed at hatch allowing those who can not keep roosters to make choices immediately.

We chose the Golden Cuckoo variety for it's beauty. Rare in the United States this breed is now attempting to gain entry into the APA standard. We belong to the Marans Chicken Club and are helping those working toward that end. We have been told by many that we have the nicest birds of this variety that they have ever seen and know that you will agree.

Name: Ameraucanas

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Ameraucanas a layers of beautiful blue eggs. They were accepted by the APA in 1976 and since that time have been eligible to participate in their poultry shows yet there is much confusion surrounding the breed. Many hatcheries sell chickens labled "Ameraucanas" that are not up to breed standards and not to be shown. Although there is a place for these Easter Egger chickens many are disappointed as they find that the birds they have raised are not what they expected. Be assured that our birds are exhibition quality and will come out of the egg ready for what ever you desire, weather it be participating in poultry shows or just enjoying a lovely backyard flock.

We maintain a flock of Wheaten/Blue Wheaten varieties and have several years of breeding and culling for only the best behind us. We know that you will be incredably pleased.

Name: Salmon Faverolles
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The Faverolles were previously used as a meat breed and known for  being an excellent table bird. They are also dependable layers of large tint eggs and continue to lay through both our south Texas summer heat and the during the winter months. The French have a dish for which the Faverolles was used exclusively. It is called "Petite Poussin"  Today they are regarded as a show fowl and are rare in the United States. They are known for the brilliance of color in the male birds. They make excellent pets and are gentle, even the roosters. We really enjoy raising this breed and have lovingly bred them for several years. We currently have exhibition quality roosters over some very nice hens that are copper salmon in color. We know that you will come to love these birds the way we do.

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