Dexter Cattle

Irish Dexter cattle are the heart and soul of the farm. Dexters are often referred to as "beefy little milkers" for good reason, Dexters are gentle and easy for seniors, children, and small persons to handle. These qualities along with their dual purpose (meat and milk) nature make them ideal family cows. Dexter cattle come in three colors, black, dun and red and both horned and polled (genetically hornless). Our focus is on breeding a very correct animal that maintains good dairy characteristic while being and easy keeper for grass based programs. That said we have a strong preference for red and polled animals. We believe that preserving milking ability is what makes the Dexter more than just small beef cattle. We use our Dexter milk for drinking raw, both for the health benefits and because it is delicious! It forms a very soft, fine curd that makes great cheese.We often have extra milk to share with friends and family. The benefits of raw milk are well documented and many of our Dexter's havealso tested positive for the A-2 milk gene, which is important to some people who plan to drink their Dexter milk.

We enjoy training cows to milk and sometimes have trained milk cows for sale. We also sell calves from proven milking stock. Contact us for availability and more information.