Cotton Patch Geese

Why Cotton Patch geese?

Well because we love our traditions in the South and the Cotton Patch Goose has a long and colorful history here. The American South is where they were used on homesteads and farms as multi-purpose poultry for weeding, meat, eggs, down, and grease. Their love of grass and other weeds left crops unharmed and lessened the labor of growing row crops. When chemicals replaced weeding on American farms the Cotton Patch goose became almost extinct.

Fast forward to the 21st century and many of us have come full circle, avoiding chemicals, and looking for ways to help nature do the work... reenter the Cotton Patch. With it's streamlined body and lighter weight the Cotton Patch goose does well in our climate. They can fly to some extent and handily avoid predators.

We got our birds from Tom Walker over eight years ago and many of the originals are still going strong. We love them for ALL of their intended purposes and they are also the welcome committee and the alarm. And really, have you ever felt anything softer than a gosling?


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