Nonesuch Farm is first and formost a family farm where we grow and raise our own food. Each animal that lives here is treated humanely and with deep respect. When selling livestock it is our goal to be sure that the purchase benefits our buyer as well as us. For these reasons all Livestock sales are by contract only. We will also want to know that you are prepared to care for the animal you are purchasing. We are here to offer support to new homesteaders as they begin their journey into milkng their first cow or goat. We enjoy training cows to milk and are sometimes able to offer trained milk cows for sale. We sell calves from proven milking stock as they are available. 


Our Products

Our products are as fresh as we can possibely make them. Each person who participates in our share program is assured that what we put on your table is exactly what we are eating at home. We desire to help provide quaity food to those who may not be able to do all that we can on the farm but still believe that the best and freshest food for themselves and their families is important. Contact us for more information about availability of our products.



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We currently have several red polled heifer calves to choose from.

Please contact us to inquire about price.


Bulls for Breeding

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We also raise a select few, quality bull calves to breeding age.

Contact us if you are looking for a bull.


AGH Piglets

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We have registered American Guinea Hog piglets for sale.

Our AGH carry the very rare BLUE gene.

Contact Us for pedigree information.


Cotton Patch Geese

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We allow the flock to naturally hatch and raise goslings, while providing protection, each aping. All goslings must be picked up at the farm.

Contact Us for availability.