Organic Vegetables

Our vegetables are grown with organic practices that include making a rich compost from manure, hay, leaves and sand from the banks of our creeks. Bees from our own hives pollinate our plants. Our deep wells provide clean fresh water year round. With this system we have created an environment where plants can thrive.

We do not use any hybridized or GMO seed in our gardens for several reasons. Planting heirloom seeds is the only way to stop some of the worlds best plants from becoming extinct.We believe strongly that diversity in plants is essential for our long term good and grow only heirlooms. Many plants that have been a part of our heritage and culture are already gone forever and those that are left need to be protected. Even if this were not the case there are still many reasons that we love heirloom gardening. Preparing the food we grow here we find our vegetables are fun, interesting, different, and provide wholesome nutrition with a fascinating link to the past, bringing back sweet memories. Maybe you can remember string beans that actually had strings, carrots that weren't always orange, and apple varieties that were suited to home canning and apple butter. Purple Pod 'green' beans, yard long beans, colorful broccoli, red velvet okra, red carrots and yellow tomatoes all provide variety and interest as well as great nutrition. Even eggplants come in shades of lavender, red, white, green, orange, pink, yellow, or even striped and streaked varieties as well as assorted shapes, from long and slender, to egg-shaped and their sizes range from giant to tiny.

Our vegetables taste better than today's modern hybrid varieties and are safer than genetically modified foods. Once you start to explore the world of heirloom vegetables you will be hooked. We have included some pictures of our harvest for you, Enjoy!